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#1 crm tool for small and large businesses : Roboeyelabs


Roboeyelabs provides relevant context to your business conversations so that you can engage and nurture your contacts and prospects. The app brings together your contacts, calendar, communications, and collaborations in a single easy-to-use platform.

With Roboeyelabs, companies do not need to invest in multiple solutions as they can utilize this single application to find relevant contacts, and engage and nurture them productively. The system enables you to focus on important business work such as data organization, sales insights, and customer engagement. Businesses in any industry and niche can benefit from this software system. They can use it to organize their information on contacts and stay on track. Plus, the program minimizes data entry chores as it automatically fills out contact records.

One of the core features is the user-friendly and attractive dashboard where you can view contact history, upcoming tasks and meetings, and activities. Key features include: lead relationships management, customizable sales processes, collaborative environment, bulk email templates, and calendar sync.

With this CRM, you can track sales, automate routine business tasks, and engage customers on multiple platforms. The app converts website visitors into promising leads and imports prospects from events and external sources such as seminars, trade shows, and direct emails. The Opportunity Tracking tool shows you where the customer is in the buying cycle as well as contact history, deal size, and competitor profile. You can use this information to create targeted messages.

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